Dash of Food Consulting - Dawn L. Ash, MS, RDN, LD
About Dawn....
Dawn's background, education, and personality enables her to motivate and inspire others to make realistic goals and create subtle behavioral changes to reach them.  Dawn enjoys seeing others achieve goals and becoming comfortable with who they are, rather than who they think they should be.
Dawn's Credentials: 
Master's of Science - Nutrition
Registered Dietitian            
Licensed Dietitian
                                                               Clinical Dietitian - MNT
                                                                          TEA Certified Health Sci Teacher
                                                                          Certified Group Fitness Instructor
                                                                          Community College Professor
                                                              Special Olympics Clinical Director volunteer                                                                   
 As a registered, licensed dietitian, Dawn has joined the field of food and nutrition experts who use science based evidence to support nutritional recommendations.  As a group fitness instructor, Dawn is able to provide physical activities based on an individual's goals and current fitness status. As a college professor, Dawn has taught a widespan of ages and is able to connect with individuals on a variety of nutrition and fitness topics. As a mother of 2, Dawn understands the importance of time management in today's busy schedules.  In addition, she has ability to plant seeds in the growing minds of the young so they may appreciate the need for healthy eating behaviors and physical activity.
Dawn's "no-quit" personality offers a tough exterior.  It is this approach which make clients feel accountable, motivated and, ultimately, successful. It is this toughness which builds determination and motivates them to pursue their goals.
Each client's needs, whatever they may be, are of the utmost importance.  Dawn is committed to meeting her clients' needs and helping them to reach their personalized goals.  
As an educated, professional nutrition expert and certified fitness trainer, I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best professional, scientific evidence-based nutritional advice and fitness plans designed for your level and lifestyle.
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